Our Approach

Our Approach

Ten Eighty is a diversified private investment firm with three primary focus areas. Ten Eighty Trading develops proprietary technical trading strategies for the public markets. Ten Eighty Capital invests time, capital and expertise into operating companies ranging from concepts incubated in-house to late stage growth rounds and even full buyouts, alternative funds and other investment vehicles. Ten Eighty Land invests in discrete residential and commercial properties as well as broader development projects.

Our Story

No matter what the investment, we aim to align our core values and operating experience with our partners' needs and values.

Our Focus

Born from generations of business building that has touched nearly every sector of the economy, Ten Eighty leverages our combined expertise and experience to catalyze growth through private investments and proprietary trading strategies.

Meet the Team

The Ten Eighty team comprises a unique and varied skillset culled from decades of industry experience across financial management, resort and hospitality operations, real estate development, media, sports and entertainment, technical trading and private investments.

We hold each other accountable to the highest ethical and work standards and expect our partners to do the same.


Lessing Stern

Founder & CEO, Ten Eighty

Our truly fearless leader, hailing from one of America's most notable and philanthropic families. Experienced pilot, CEO and technical trader. Board director at Park City Hospital, Waterkeeper Alliance and AOPA.


Ben Rifkin

CEO, Ten Eighty Capital

An accomplished executive in industries ranging from venture capital to professional sports, Ben has experience building and investing in companies at all stages of growth. Youth education and mental wellness advocate, mentor for various economic development pursuits and outdoors enthusiast.


Timothy Jeavons

CEO, Ten Eighty Trading

Seeking alpha in all of his pursuits, Timothy heads up Ten Eighty's expansive technical trading portfolio. Once the markets close, Timothy and his family find respite surfing the lakes and mountains of the Mountain West.


Tim Brinton

CFTO, Ten Eighty

Over his career, Tim's guidance on tax strategies, deal structure and corporate organization has preserved millions of dollars of earnings for various companies.


Gay Stern

EVP, Ten Eighty

Bringing varied experience from front line management to back office administration to the team, Gay insures Ten Eighty's initiatives are  coordinated and executed flawlessly.